terça-feira, 11 de outubro de 2011

SuperMercado de Estilo

Roupas não são jamais uma frivolidade; são sempre expressão das tensões sociais econômicas fundamentais de uma época - James Laver, Dandies

And why? Because we don’t want to be categorised - to become just a stereotype. Because the world we live in is itself full of confusion and contradiction. Because (as in our politics and everything else) simple either/or categories and labels no longer suffice. Because now that the god of modernism is dead, everything is possible. Because we’re all on-line, plugged into the ‘global village’. Because the past and the future have dissolved into ‘the Now’. Because what’s clear, clearly isn’t. Because we’ve increasingly found that only personal appearance is capable of expressing where we as individuals are at in a kaleidoscopic and enigmatic world.’ (http://www.tedpolhemus.com/main_concept5%20467.html)

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